District Leadership

District Service Counsel

Dr. Laurynn Evans
Email: levans@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3001

Rachel Davenport

Executive Director, Human Resources
Email: rdavenport@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3003

Dr. Kimberly Kinzer
Executive Director, Teaching and Learning
Email: kkinzer@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3021

Jason Rhoads
Executive Director, Business, Finance and Operations
Email: jrhoads@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3010

Craig Barry
Director, Secondary Education
Email: cbarry@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3018

Gwen Lyon
Director, Elementary Education
Email: glyon@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3020

Lori Buijten 
Director, Special Education
Email:  lbuijten@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3072

Kori Henry
Executive Secretary, Superintendent's Office
Email: khenry@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3001

Jenn Markaryan
Communications and Community Relations Coordinator

Email: jmarkaryan@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3004

Department Leaders

Mike Young
Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Email: myoung@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3278

Reed Gillig
Director, Maintenance and Facilities
Email: rgillig@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3055

Rick Gehrke
Assistant Director, Capital Projects
Email: rgerhke@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3063

John Sides
Director, Transportation
Email: jsides@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3076

Beth Bourque
Assistant Director, Special Education
Email:  bbourque@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3023

Michelle Monzingo
Assistant Director, Transportation
Email: dmonzingo@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3085

Janet Paeth
Assistant Director, Human Resources and Payroll
Email: jpaeth@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3039

John Waller
Assistant Director, Innovative Learning
Email: jwaller@nkschools.org
Phone: (360) 396-3040


All principals are listed on the Schools listing of the website.