Grant will help prepare students for the future

Grant will help prepare students for the future
Posted on 10/08/2017
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A five year $750,000 grant from the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has been award to North Kitsap School District to help to equip students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions they will need in order to engage successfully in a competitive but vibrant STEM based economy in the region following their high school careers.

The project name is “A Career and College Readiness Mindset for Middle School and Beyond.” The title indicates that efforts to make learning relevant and applicable to the real world, and to real careers, should begin as early as possible. Middle school is a time when relevancy is extremely important for students and can keep them actively engaged and excited about their own learning.

According to data from The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance, many of the top employers in the region are STEM related. This includes industries such as defense, healthcare, engineering, environmental services, public utilities and manufacturing. Therefore, if we are to prepare middle school students for the careers of their future, STEM must be a primary focus.

Our success in this project will be measured by the connections and partnerships that are formed with local industries, agencies, and employers. Also, we will see increased student participation in STEM activities and courses, particularly for our students who are military affiliated. Finally, as an outcome from our work to make learning connected and motivating for students, we will see increases among our military affiliated students, and for all students in standardized measures of proficiency in STEM related subjects.

This is the fourth grant the North Kitsap School District has received from the Department of Defense Education Activity. Previous emphasis areas were; Dual Language Programs and Elementary and Secondary Science Professional Development.

For more information on this project, please contact Tim Garrison with North Kitsap School District at For questions regarding the DoDEA grant program, or to comment on this or any other grant funded initiative, please contact the DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources Branch at or by phone (571) 372-6026.