Educational Program and Operations Levy

Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) Levy

Thanks to North Kitsap voters, this measure has been approved! the EP&O levy will run at a rate of approximately $1.50/$1,000 assessed value over four years, which is an average of approximately $12 Million per year.

This is not a new tax.  The EP&O levy replaces the 2014 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy approved by voters that expires at the end of 2018.  This levy provides continued funding for important programs and operations not funded by the state.  

What is an EP&O Levy?

Even with the new changes in state funding, the state does not provide school districts with funding that meets the basic needs of school districts across the state.  EP&O and M&O levies fill that gap.  Voters approve local levies by a simple majority vote of 50 percent plus 1.

In July of this year, the state legislature approved an education funding plan that involves increasing state property taxes for education and placing limits on the amount of EP&O levy funding that local districts can collect.  Districts can either collect $1.50/$1000 of assessed property value, or $2,500 per student, whichever is less.  For North Kitsap, we must collect the $1.50/$1000. 

What does the EP&O Levy fund?

For North Kitsap, local levy dollars currently help to support these major categories.

Classroom and Program Support

Classroom and student support is currently funded $12 million beyond the state funding models.
  • Certificated Staff above state funding model 
  • Classified Staff above state funding model 
  • Program Support (Education Departments, Transportation, Food Services, Facilities, Business Operations)

Here are some examples of what funding looks like for several positions in North Kitsap:

Salary averages chart

State funding models pay for about 70% of teacher salaries and benefits.  

State funding models pay for less than 50% of principal salaries and benefits.  

State funding models pay for less than 50% of classified salaries and benefits.  

State funding pays for: 
  .9   Nurses for 5,800 students.
3.3  Computer Technicians for 3,800 computers with supporting networking
3.5  Grounds Keepers for 232 acres
6     Maintenance Personnel to maintain over 1 million SQFT of buildings 
1     Person for student/staff safety for 5,800 students and 1,000 staff at 10 schools
***These are just a few examples

Special Education

$2.8 million in educational help for students with special needs is not funded by the state


$1 million for transporting students safely to and from school is not covered by the current state funding model.


Currently, the local levy funds 100% of the $1 million dollars that supports these activities. 

Day-to-day maintenance and utilities

Beyond the staffing that local levy dollars fund to maintain our school facilities, the levy dollars also cover $200,000 in required utilities and insurance payments that are not currently funded by the state.