Board adopts resolution supporting Supreme Court order in McCleary case

The North Kitsap School Board signed a resolution last night that requests state officials to promptly and fully comply with the Supreme Court’s orders in the McCleary case.  The resolution was prompted by the August 13, 2015 contempt of court sanctions issued by the Washington State Supreme Court against the State for failing to comply with the Court’s orders in the McCleary case.  The Court assessed remedial penalties of one hundred thousand dollars per day until it adopts a compete plan for complying with article IX, section 1 by the 2018 school year.


“I am pleased our school board is in support of this resolution,” Superintendent Patty Page noted.  “While progress was made, it is not enough to meet the requirements of the McCleary decision by 2018.  I know our legislators care deeply about our schools and will work to resolve this.”


In January 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the State of Washington is violating the constitutional rights of children by failing to live up to its “paramount duty” to amply fund education for all K-12 students.