English Development Program

Dis del niño

The goal of the North Kitsap School District English Language Learning (ELL) Program is to develop the English language proficiency of eligible English Language Learners (ELLs) so that they can become socially and academically successful in North Kitsap Schools.

What is the English Language Learner (ELL) Program? 
The ELL Program is a federally funded program for students whose first language is a language other than English. About 5% of the NKSD student population qualify for ELL services. About 71% of our ELL population speaks Spanish as their first language; other languages spoken by our students are Tagalog (and other Filipino dialects), Vietnamese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Farsi, Norwegian, Russian, Indonesian, Tongan, Thai, and Twi. We strive to promote respect and appreciation for diverse language and cultures.

A student who is new to this country with no English language skills and a strong academic background is expected to take from 3 to 7 years to learn the language and to be at grade level. Students starting in kindergarten make greater language gains than students enrolled in 5th grade or higher.  This is partially due to the  increased demand on academic skills and language.   Even when a student seems to have age-appropriate oral language skills, he/she can still be 2 or more grade levels behind in reading, writing and other subjects because those skills take longer to learn.