Strategic Plan

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Creating a vision for the future of every student

We are embarking on a strategic planning process to develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success in the coming years.  

The strategic plan will be our roadmap towards a future vision and will provide unity, clarity and direction to the important work in our district.

A primary purpose of planning is to facilitate unity of purpose or alignment. Alignment is the process of reaching a mutual understanding about common goals.   It gives shared meaning to the work of the school and school district, enabling successful accomplishment of the goals of the organization.

We value all voices in our district and are using an approach that is inclusive and intentional.  If we want all of our stakeholders to be committed to and be meaningfully engaged in the implementation of the strategic plan, we must involve them in the development of the plan itself. 

Community Forums
Community Forums provide every resident an opportunity to participate in and influence the direction of the strategic plan prior to its completion and formal adoption by the Board. Community Forums are "reality check" sessions that will be held in both Poulsbo and Kingston. Insights from the Community Forums are shared with the Core Planning Team for integration into the strategic plan. View the Community Forum dates.

Thank you to the nearly one hundred community members who joined us at our community forums in March!

time to plan drawingStrategic Planning Teams

To develop our strategic plan, we are launching an extensive community and stakeholder engagement process.  Performance Fact, Inc., is leading the strategic planning process and will be facilitated by Mutiu O. Fagbayi, President/CEO. Using a structure of planning teams, as well as gathering data and input from stakeholders, this plan will outline a vision for our schools, guide the work of our educators, and serve as a roadmap to attain the vision and enhance student achievement.

A Core Planning Team, representative of all North Kitsap stakeholders, will help lead the Strategic Planning process. Additional teams will include the Alignment Team and the Instructional Focus Team.

Students, families and community members have many opportunities to participate, as members of our Core Planning Team, as participants at community forums, and as part of the student voice team.

Team Descriptions

adults and students talkingCore Planning Team
The Core Planning Team consists of a cross-section of all stakeholders, including students whenever possible. Because the team includes internal and external stakeholders, it takes the lead in setting the broad direction for the plan, including the Goals, Measures and Benchmarks of Student Success as well as the "Four Pillars" (or building blocks) of educational practices, programs and structures.

adults in conversationAlignment Team
The Alignment Team consists of key decision-makers or opinion leaders from our community (e.g., school system, parent & community leaders, business/higher education, governmental agencies, civic organizations, etc.).  

student talkingStudent Voice Team
The student voice team consists of 50+ students 
who represent the diversity among all students (e.g., demographic, academic, attitudinal, dropouts, graduates, etc.). The team serves as the direct voice of the entire student body. Some of the students on this team may also serve on the Core Planning Team.

people placing dots on paperBoard Review Team
The Board Review Team ensures that the school Board is continually kept abreast of the progress of the strategic planning process. The updating process could be via formal presentations at periodic intervals, or through ongoing reporting by the Superintendent or Board-designated strategic planning point-person(s). The Board is encouraged to share its views regarding the ongoing planning process and emerging outputs; however, the Board is urged to defer formal action on the strategic plan until it is presented by the Superintendent for formal adoption at the end of the planning process.

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