Secondary Remote Learning

​Continued Remote instruction Grades 6-12

Families will receive a phone call and/or email from their student's Core teacher on Monday April 13 or Tuesday, April 14 explaining our next steps and checking in to see if you or student have any questions as we move forward.

Weekly Plan

New Learning Activities - Students will receive grade and content specific tasks for the week from each teacher/school in a Grade Level Remote Learning Guide" each Monday.  Tasks will be limited to 30 minutes per day for each of your student's six classes - maximum of three hours per day. 

  • Activities may look like daily worksheets, book assignments, portfolio work, projects, experiments, reading assignments and/or writing assignments.
  • For families that do not have technology or internet access, we will have our guide and resources printed on paper or placed on a thumb drive and will be available at Grab and Goal meals pick-up locations Monday - Friday from 11:00am -12:30pm.
  • All completed work should be sent to teachers directly through email, or dropped off at Grab and Go Meal locations.
  • Teachers will provide feedback to students who return work.

Teacher Office Hours - Teachers will be available for communication, questions and support during hours published by the school.

  • This time is used for students to contact their teachers with questions and requests for help.
  • Teachers may use a virtual chat room through Zoom or they may be available to respond to emails.  If Zoom is used, teachers will send out directions and an invitation for each student to use.  Proper settings will be used to ensure proper security.  Participation will always be optional and no student will be penalized for not participating.

Student Feedback/Grades

As a district we are working on providing expectations to teachers regarding how to assess completed work.  Although it will be much more difficult through remote learning, teachers will continually attempt to assess where students are in their learning so that when school re-opens, we can meet them where they are and make up any lost ground.

Support from Special Education, counselors, and native education specialists

These important service leaders will be collaborating with classroom teachers to help design learning for students.  They will also be available to provide direct support if needed and will have their contact information listed in the weekly "Grade Level Remote Learning Guides"  sent out each Monday.