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Welcome to the e-Learning Guide for families, students and staff! In this guide you will find important information for Distance Learning. The links below will take you to the different content areas of the guide.

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Core 4 technology tools

In order to create students who are ready for a world yet to be imagined, we must incorporate e-learning. Given these unprecedented times, e-learning can take many different forms. Regardless of the form, the foundation for all e-learning are the NKSD Core 4 Technology tools.

Homebase - Where can I get the information I need to learn?

Synchronous Learning Tools - Where can I connect with my teacher and other students?

Asynchronous Learning Tools - Where can I get instruction from my teacher?

Cloud Storage System - Where can I store my digital work?

Image of Core 4 Technology Tools


Homebase Tools and Resources

Synchronous Learning Tools

Asynchronous Learning Tools

Cloud Storage System