Equity Council

The North Kitsap School District Equity Council is a group of people who are dedicated to providing our students, families, and communities with equitable access to all of the opportunities available in the district.  The Council will analyze the District’s policies and practices that are currently in place that target diversity awareness and equitable access for all learners.  We will consider the results of those policies and practices and provide insights into areas that the district could focus on, in order to improve access for all of our students, families, and community members.

The North Kitsap School Board champions this work and recognizes how vital it is for the success of our students and school system.  The Strategic Plan exemplifies their support through the identification of the importance of “Success for all students” and the underlying goals of “strategies to maximize student engagement”, “creating a safe and nurturing learning environment”, and “providing a variety of opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all students”.