New emails aren't coming in!

New emails aren't coming in!
Under certain conditions, you may have problems with Outlook automatically displaying new messages as they arrive.
This happens when:
 - Your building/room/computer is having network issues
 - You're using a laptop and disconnect it from the network without logging-off
 - Aliens or cosmic rays infect your computer
Outlook is actually designed to behave like this.  When Outlook can't talk to the Exchange Server (because of a network issue), it automatically goes into "Offline" mode. It's likely to stay that way, even when the network comes back, until you do something about it.
So... here's what you do:
In Outlook, look down at the lower-right corner.  You will see one of the following:
offline image
disconnected image
trying image
The first two cases, "Offline" and "Disconnected", you can do something about.  The 3rd case, "Trying to connect" means that the network issue is still present, so your building may still be experiencing problems.  If your Outlook stays on "Trying to connect", and nobody else is having problems, please submit a TSR at .
For the first two cases, "Offline" and "Disconnected", however, you can fix this yourself.  Click on the word "Offline" or "Disconnected".  This will show a small menu.  On that menu, choose "Work Offline".  This will clear the check box.
work offline image
Once you remove this checkmark, by clicking on it, you should then see the following, which means your Outlook is working good again.
connected image