How can I retrieve emails or attachments I've deleted?

How can I retrieve emails or attachments I've deleted?
It happens all the time.  You've been good.  You've kept your email folders cleaned-up, getting rid of stuff you're probably never going to look at again.  But then... a crisis happens and you need that one email from a parent you deleted a month ago.
Fortunately, we've got you covered.  There are a few ways to get that email back.  Each method of retrieving deleted email is fairly easy, and I'll list them here in the order you should try them (starting with the quickest/easiest).  Note that the first 2 methods will also allow you to recover deleted calendar items, contacts, tasks, etc.
1)  Is the email still in your "Deleted Items" folder?
Many people overlook the fact that the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook keeps every email (with attachments), calendar item, contact, task, etc. that you delete.  Items stay in your "Deleted Items" folder until one of three things happens:
a. You right-click on the Deleted Items folder and choose "Empty Deleted Items Folder".  (You should do this now and then to help minimize the size of your mailbox).
b. You've chosen the option to "Empty the Deleted Items Folder on Exiting" (Tools->Options->Other).  If so, your Deleted Items folder is emptied every time you close Outlook.
c.  An item in your Deleted Items folder has been there for over 60 days.  If so, that item is purged from your Deleted Items folder.
2)  OK... So the email is no longer in the "Deleted Items" folder.  What now?
A)  Click on your Deleted Items folder so it's highlighted.
B)  Go to "Tool"s -->"Recover Deleted Items" from the pull-down menu at the top.  (This option won't appear unless you have highlighted your Deleted Items folder.)
C)  This will open a window listing items that were purged from your Deleted Items folder recently (up to a month ago).
D)  If you find the item you want in that list, highlight it and then click the icon at the top of that window that looks like an envelope.
  Recover Button Image
E)  That item will be returned to your "Deleted Items" folder.  From there, you can drag it back into your inbox if you want to keep it.
3)  Nope.  The email isn't there anymore.  HELP!
Now it's time for you to check out our new email recovery feature.  It's called DATACOVE.  It keeps a copy of  every email you've sent or received  since February 24th, 2009.  You have the ability to search through your own emails (but not other people's) by many different methods.  Here's how:
A)  Open up Internet Explorer.
B)  In the "address" line  (not the Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc search box)  clear out anything in there, and type-in just the word "searchmail" (without the quotes).  Then press enter.
      Datacove 1 Image
C)  You will be taken to a login page that looks like this:  Enter your normal computer login information for NKSCHOOLS and click the "Login" button.
      Datacove Image 2
D)  You are now in the Datacove system, where you can choose a "Simple Search" or an "Advanced Search".  (Advanced search lets you search on such things as subject, body text, attachment names, attachment text, etc).
Datacove Image 3
Datacove Image 4
E)  In either the "Simple Search" or "Advanced Search" screens, specify your search criteria and click the "Submit" button.  (Note:  You can use the "lookup" function to find an address that the Datacove has "seen" before to help you retrieve unknown email addresses).
F)  You will get a list of all of the messages that match your search criteria.
      Datacove Image 5
G)  Double-click on the message you want, and you will see a new window open:
      Datacove Image 6
H)  Instead of displaying the message in this window,  the Datacove system takes the original message and makes it an "attachment".  Choose "unnamed.html" or "unnamed.txt" to see the original message (see circled area above)
I)  If you NEED to return the message back to Outlook, you can (in step "F" above), choose to export ALL of the messages that met your search criteria to a zip file.  This is an advanced feature that you may try out if you're feeling especially adventurous.  If you need this ability, but need help doing it, please submit a TSR with the necessary information.