TSE Fees
Since 1961 the Washington State Legislature has supported Traffic Safety Education in the public schools. The funding for TSE in the public schools came from a $5 charge on traffic violations. In June 2002  the legislature dropped all support for TSE in the public schools.

Consequently, the fees charged students to take TSE in North Kitsap School District were raised to make up the difference. Traffic Safety Education is a non-profit self-supporting program offered as a service to the parents and students of Kitsap county.

Fee: $470.00
No reduced fee available, all students will be paying the same fee.  
No class fee refund is available after the first week of class.
Driver's Permit-- pre-apply at DOL for the permit. Please supply permit number to instructor for permit waiver to be entered on DOL database.
No-Show or No Permit (at time of drive) fee $25 (student driver not showing up or without permit for their scheduled drive) Payment is due before next scheduled drive.
Extra Drive Fee $25 per drive (If a student requires more than the six drives of the course)
Certificate  $10 
All course completions are now entered online through the Department of Licensing database.