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Washington State Enrollment Options:

The Learning by Choice guide answers the commonly asked questions about the Learning by Choice law, options created by the No Child Left Behind Act, and other enrollment options available to students in public, private and home-based instruction.

Learning Options:
OSPI Learning by Choice Guide - English
OSPI Learning by Choice Guide - Spanish

February 25, 2021: Update for In-district transfers 2021-2022 school year only:

This past year, 2020-21, we have been serving students to the best of our ability during a global pandemic. The onset of COVID-19 has led us to serve students in the most creative manner possible--both remotely and in person, when possible.

In order to keep our enrollment, staffing and schools stable, buildings are closed to new transfer requests for the coming year. This will save families from time and frustration in the application process, and will prevent the lengthy appeals process from playing out in ways that are often disappointing.

Should our enrollment and staffing change and we find ourselves with more flexibility, we will consider modifying this decision.

The exceptions are:

  •  Students with siblings who have already been accepted and are currently enrolled in the requested school.
  •  For students who might have attended NKOA for the 2020-21 school year and want to return to their home school, these students may return to their home school.
  •  Students in Signature Programs need to apply to indicate they want to come back to the program they had been enrolled in.
  •  Currently enrolled elementary students who wish to continue in their school’s feeder pattern to middle school.
  •  Students of full time school employees as provided in RCW 28A.225.225.