What to Expect as a Participating Staff

If you are selected as a Participating Staff member, you can expect the following to happen:
  • If you have not previously been trained during the current year on the Medicaid Claiming Program and how to fill out the Time Study Form, then your building coordinator or supervisor will contact you to arrange training.  All staff must be trained each year before they begin participating in the program.  Be sure to always sign a form or sign-in sheet documenting your training--this information is collected and becomes part of the auditable record.
  • At least 5 days before each Time Study Day you will receive an email alerting you the Time Study Day is upcoming.
  • The evening before, or the morning of the Time Study Day, you will receive an email reminding you of the Time Study Day.
Time Study Forms:
  • At some point between the upcoming email notice and the Time Study Day reminder, your buidling coordinator or supervisor will deliver a Time Study Form for you to fill out on the Time Study Day.
  • During the Time Study Day you will keep track of the time you spend on different activities during the day and record them on the Time Study Form.
  • At the end of the Time Study Day, review your form to make sure the totals are correct, sign the form and turn it in to your building coordinator by morning of the next work day.  Use the directions on the back of the form to double-check your work and make sure your form is turned in right away.  They must be signed by your principal and returned to the district office within 5 days of the study to qualify for reimbursement. 
  • All Time Study Forms are reviewed by your Building Coordinator and then District Coordinator to ensure they meet the standards set by DSHS.  If there is missing or invalid information on a Time Study Form it will be returned to you with an explanation of what to do in order to correct the form so it may be accepted.
  • It is mandatory that ALL participants provide back-up documentation for time spent on time study days. Examples of documention are a printed copy of a participants Outlook Calendar page for the given day, a printed copy of a planner page for the given day, and daily logs with time tracking, to name a few. The key is that the back-up documentation must accurately reflect exactly what is recorded on the time study form.