Staff Skyward Training & The SCOOP

Training is an ongoing need for all within the district, not just new staff each year, especially with the emphasis that we work within the Web Version of the Skyward system as much as possible.
There are three types of training available: in-district training, ESD training and NEW! online tutorials and documentation (work in progress).
In-District Training
If you are interested in receiving in-district training please contact District Records to see what can be arranged.

Teacher Edition
The Scoop Teacher Edition Sep Oct 2016-17 NKSD Edition
The Scoop Teacher Edition Winter 16-17 NKSD Edition

Student Records Edition
The Scoop Spring 2015-16 NKSD Edition
The Scoop_Fall 2016_17 NKSD Edition
The Scoop Winter 16-17

Teacher Tutorial Videos (these files may take up to a minute to download depending on your Internet connection)
ESD Trainings
Training at the ESD is most often a classroom setting with people from other districts in our region.  The classes are taught by ESD staff who also provide technical support for the Skyward system.  These classes are most often held in a lab, allowing for hands on access to either a database with training data (called a TLA) or access to our live North Kitsap School District data.  The type of access encouraged in each class depends on the topics covered.
All ESD classes are taught in the Web, and all users are encouraged to be familiar with the Web environment before attending a Module specific class.  The ESD offers some Web Overview classes intended to provide users an understanding of how to navigate, locate information, and print reports in the Web.
If you can't attend a training at the ESD, they maintain training documents on their website, Western Regional Data Center Main Page, under Student Services.   There is a User Name and Password required to access the documents.  Please call District Records and ask for them.

To sign up for courses on the new pdEnroller application, click here and create an account

The first time you go to you will need activate your account. Do not “log in”, but click the blue “New to pdEnroller” button as shown below and follow the "pdEnroller Onboarding Process" instructions in the following paragraph. Activation will merge your clock hours, transcript and user account from our old system into pdEnroller.  For Activating your account and more information on pdEnroller click here.
Please attend training sessions at the ESD if possible to enhance your skills in the Web.