Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters
Posted on 06/11/2016
Stuffing Bags
Kindness Matters!
Students in the AGATE program's 3rd/4th grade classrooms year-long campaign "Kindness Matters" set a goal to raise money for foster kids in the state of Washington.  They chose Kitsap Foster Care Association and as their charitable organizations and went to work on their fundraising efforts.
Two simple programs were chosen to raise funds:  Dollars for Change and Jump for Joy.  Dollars for change was simply a way for the students to bring in money by digging in piggy banks, between seat cushions, or doing al little extra around the house.  Jump for Joy was a pledge drive where students jumped rope for an hour, over the span of two days.  The students raised over $2400  for their cause.
The money raised will be used in several different ways.  Money donated to Treehouse for Kids will go towards their goal of getting youth in foster care to graduate from high school at the same rate as their peers by 2017.  Kitsap Foster Care Association received over 100 bags, packed by the students, with supplies for kids who need to enter foster care in the middle of the night without their personal belongings.  They are also donating funds for the association's family and foster child events and activities.

The following is from the teacher team of Colleen Fairchild and Sarah Taylor from the AGATE Program at Suquamish Elementary written on Friday, June 10th:

We have been busy in the AGATE 3-4 program here at Suquamish Elementary.


During our Washington State studies we learned about our state’s natural resources, prominent industries, geographical regions, tourism, cultural significance as well as famous landmarks. In addition, we held a year-long campaign; “Kindness Matters” and encouraged our students to think of ways in which we might give back to our community. 


Our objective:

To raise money for foster kids in the state of Washington


AGATE 3-4 raised money for two local organizations: Kitsap Foster Care Association Both organizations help support foster kids in the Washington State. Kitsap Foster Care Association provides kids with needed supplies as they move from one location to another. On Friday, we packed bags to replenish the supply.  These bags will be given to the CPS office in Bremerton for when kids need to leave a home in the middle of the night.  Law enforcement and social workers rarely have time to grab the kids' stuff in these situations, and if they do, it's never enough.  So, we packed some basics: undies, socks, p.j s, toothbrushes, etc… works, “…to invest in the lives of young people who have faced the deep wounds of a crisis. This organization helps these children to secure the essential education, basic material needs, and social experiences they equally deserve. Treehouse assists kids in foster care to discover their own resilience and strength”. This organization’s primary focus is to help foster kids successfully graduate from high school. 


This was only our second fundraising project so we had some idea of what to expect,

but our expectations were blown out of the water!


We brought in a guest speaker to share information with students about the foster care system in Washington and how we could provide support. This was a great opportunity for conversations, both at home and school, about how our gift could effect change.  Our goal was $1,000.00.


We participated in two simple programs: Dollars for Change and Jump for Joy.  Dollars for Change was simply that; dollars brought in by students who performed extra chores and/or by digging into piggy banks and between couch cushions etc.  The second, Jump for Joy, was a pledge drive where students jumped rope for an hour, over the span of two days, to raise money for our cause; getting the kids moving, having fun and raising money all at the same time!


All our efforts pay off, BIG TIME!  We were AMAZED with our final tally. With the support of our community, families and friends AGATE 3-4 was able to raise $2,469.82!


It was a wonderful sight to see, kids beaming with smiles from ear to ear, proud of their hard work, as they gathered around tables with hundreds of supplies to “stuff” into almost 100emergency bags. Each gift will go directly to kids in need. Below are a few pictures that capture the student’s positive words of encouragement, wide-spread kindness and enthusiastic energy.


Mrs. Fairchild and I were teared up most of the morning, proud of the kindness and generosity permeating our classroom community. The positive impact this project will have on others in need was a powerful message for all involved. It has been a special year, and we thank the families of the North Kitsap School District for sharing their children with us each and every day!



Sarah Taylor and Colleen Fairchild