Snow Routes

Weather in the Pacific Northwest can be unpredictable.  In North Kitsap we have what are commonly referred to as micro-climates, where roads may be icy or there may be some snow in one neighborhood and everyone else in the area is not affected in any way.

Below you will find links to snow routes for each school, listed by bus route number.  Snow routes will be in affect for the entire day, both pick-up and drop-off. In the event of a two-hour delay, please be at your relocated stop at the same time as usual, plus the two hours for the delay.  Example:  Normal bus stop pick-up is 7:25am.  For a two hour delay the alternate stop pick-up time will be 9:25am.

In the event that all schools are affected by a two-hour delay, families will be notified via phone call and email.  You may sign up for text alerts by opting-in with the word YES or Y to 67587.  You may find the announcements on the North Kitsap School District Facebook page and Twitter feed. Announcements will also be sent to local television and radio stations.

If only a few routes are affected, you will be notified by the transportation department.

Snow Routes Updated 1/31/2020
Kingston High & Kingston Middle School Snow Route pdf
North Kitsap High & Poulsbo Middle School Snow Routes pdf
Suquamish, Gordon, and Wolfle Elementary Snow Routes pdf
Poulsbo, Pearson, and Vinland Elementary Snow Routes pdf