Eligible vs Participating Staff

Eligible Staff
Before the start of each quarter, a list of all staff members within the district who are eligible for Medicaid Administrative Match funds is compiled and sent to DSHS.  Eligibility is based on how each particular position is being funded, but typically includes all general education teachers, special education teachers, classified support staff, building administrators, nurses, counselors, registrars, and office support staff.  The eligible staff list contains staff from all buildings and schools, including the District Office.
Participating Staff
A Participating Staff member is a staff member selected fom the eligible staff list that will track their time on a Time Study Form for each Time Study Day during the quarter.  There are two types of Participating Staff: Designated and Random.
  • Designated Staff: Designated Staff are staff members from the eligible staff list that the district and schools have identified as key participants in the Time Study Process.  Typically each building selects between 5 and 7 staff members--most often adminstrators and counselors--in August.  The staff selected should be those most likely to be involved in Medicaid Match related activities.  Typically, these staff members participate in the Time Study Process for all 3 quartes in the year, but can be adjusted as needed.
  •  Random Staff: At the start of each quarter, DSHS selects a random subset of those staff members on the eligible staff list who are not already marked as Designated Staff.  These Random Staff members particiapte in the Time Study Proces for the quarter in which they were selected.  The staff are selected without consideration of the building in which they work or any past or present participation as an Eligible, Designated, or Random Staff member.