How to Use Substitute Online for: PSE Members

How to use Substitute Online for Special Ed Paraeducators:

Go to District home page - - click on employment, then job opportunities. Look for Substitute Online web link. OR go directly to Substitute Online Bookmark this page for quick reference.

Logon Page:

Enter your User name and password.

Choose North Kitsap SD from the Pick list. Logon.
Due to Privacy Concerns, please call (Liz Campbell - 396-3008) or e-mail me: and I will be happy to provide you with your Username and Password.


At the top of the page, you will see six boxes labeled: Help, Personal Info, New Absence, Review/Cancel, Announc and Logoff. The first time you logon, click on the personal info box and make sure that all of the information about you is correct.

The Personal Information   Check that your Subject/Job information and your Work Site are both correct. If not, please e-mail the corrections to: Liz Campbell ( and she will update the information for you.   This information displays to the substitutes and tells them the specifics of your job and where they will subbing. You have the option of displaying your phone number and e-mail to the substitutes. If you choose to do so, check the “display to substitute” box, or un-check it if you want that information kept private.

To Request Specific Subs: At the bottom of the page on the left hand side you will see a box that says “view Req/Rej substitutes”, click on the box. This will bring you to the substitute’s names. You can choose them alphabetically, or by choosing the “all” option. At the right is a scroll bar for moving down the list. You may request a substitute by checking the box on the left. Please note: while the option to reject substitutes is available in Substitute Online, it is not an option the district wants you to use. If there is cause to block a guest teacher from a specific classroom or building – there are steps the district has in place to do that. If, after following those steps it is deemed necessary – Chris Willits will instruct me to block the guest teacher in question.

New Absences

Under your personal information is a box that says Req/Pre-arranged sub. This will list your request(s).

If you want it to go to all of your requests, do nothing it will do that automatically. When your absence is submitted and you have more than one request, each request will simultaneously receive an e-mail notifying him/her that you have a job posted. Whichever one of those people picks the job up first, gets it. This program does not prioritize. If the job is not picked up by one of your requests in 24 hours or by 6:00 p.m. the night before, the system automatically releases it for all available subs. If one of your requests picks up the job and later drops it, it is not re-held for your other requests. Please remember: Whether you are putting an absence online, booking your own sub or calling the sub line - you need to leave the EXACT time you work.

You Do Have the Capability of Booking Your Own Sub:

First of all, be sure that you have spoken with the substitute and that he or she understands that he or she is accepting this job. Click on the arrow on the Req/Pre-arranged Sub box and click on the name of the person with whom you have spoken. Put in the absence information as you normally would, and click on Submit Absence at the bottom of the page. A window will pop-up that will say: You have selected XXXX to take this pre-arranged absence, When submitting this absence, if the sub is available, he/she will be immediately assigned to this job. If confirmed, it is your responsibility to inform this pre-arranged sub that you have submitted the absence”. Click on Ok and then re-click on submit absence. You will then get a message saying: You are submitting this X day absence. Your absence will be assigned to XXXX After pressing OK, the screen will clear and you may choose the Review/Cancel option to verify your confirmation number and the current substitute status, and enter your lesson plan or comments for this absence. If you click on OK, you have booked your own sub.

Entering a New Absence

 Next to Start Date - click the appropriate bubble (today, tomorrow or other). If the first date of the absence is not correct, make the changes.  Use the tab key to move across the edit bar. Click the down arrow to change the shift (All, AM only, or PM only) and then click on the clock icon to enter the appropriate times. Tab over to Reason/Charge to and click on the reason for your absence. Select reason for absence.

Click on the Add Day’s button at the bottom of the screen for each additional day of your absence. Please note, if your days of absence are not consecutive, you will have to enter them separately.

If your absence is due to district or school business, an authorization code is required before the system will accept your request. The code for that specific absence can be obtained from the department or school sponsoring the meeting.


When you are sure that everything is correct, left click on the submit absence button. Confirm the absence information and click ok.



The Review/Cancel screen gives you a history of each day you have been absent during the current school year, who is substituting, the job number/confirmation number (they are the same),

And the check detail box to see date and reason for your absence or to add comments and/or a lesson plan for the substitute after you have submitted the job. If a sub has not yet been assigned “Substitute Pending” will show in substitute name field.

Absence Summary:

To view/print current year absence history.


At any time before a substitute is assigned, you may cancel an assignment or individual days of a multi-day assignment by checking the Cancel Box. Click on submit cancellation. If an absence has been assigned to a substitute (see Substitute name field), only the Substitute Dispatcher or someone else in Human Resources may cancel the absence. If this occurs please call Me (Liz Campbell) at my district phone number: 396-3008 before 12:30 PM or Katie Austin -396-3005 after that time as soon as you know you need to cancel.

  I work from 6:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Please feel free to call me during those times and I will be happy to help you. At other times, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

Please remember that the sooner you put jobs in the system, the better your chances of getting someone to pick them up. Jobs put in at the last minute tend to sit online without being picked up are generally more difficult to cover.