Driver's Education
Traffic Safety Education
North Kitsap and Kingston High School  
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Contact Information:

Dr. Paul‚Äč Christensen                                                                                                    Traffic Light.png
TSE Coordinator
Phone: (360) 297-2965

Kingston High School  Teacher
Bill Keene
Phone:  (360) 779-2829

North Kitsap High School Teacher
Cesar Bernal
Phone:  (360) 396-3104
Next Available Session will be in September
Step 1: Follow this link to register for class and  to make payment   
  • Be sure to select either the North Kitsap HS class or the Kingston HS class. 
  • If you are having difficulty registering for the class, please call Lezlie McElderry at (360) 464-6895.
  • If you have registration questions, please contact the traffic safety instructor at the school or the coordinator.

Step 2: In order to receive a permit, you must first pre-apply for the DOL permit at the following link: 

(If you already have a permit or Washington State ID, please email the instructor the permit/WA State ID number)

  • Please pre-apply for the Learner's Permit BEFORE the orientation meeting. After filling out the form, you will be emailed your student's PERMIT ID number. Do NOT go to the DOL for the permit without first emailing the instructor that "Confirmation ID" number (permit ID).  They need to enter the waiver for the permit into the DOL database before you go to the DOL, otherwise you will be turned away. The waiver can only be entered 10 days prior to the class orientation ( June 3rd for Summer qtr. classes).





Mandatory Parent/Student Class Orientation Meeting  June 12th @ NK (6:30 p.m.) and June 13th @ KHS (6:30 p.m.) in the High School Commons 

  • DOL permits cost $25 and a student must be present at the DOL office to obtain the permit. If you want a photo on the permit, provide the following proof of identity documents: 
  • First day of class: NKHS June 19(Room 307) 11:00-1:00pm. and KHS June 19 (KHS-Spectrum/PAL bldg) 11:00-1:00pm. The remainder of the classes will be from 8-10am. The second session at NKHS is 10:15-12:15pm. The last day of class is July 13.
  • Summer class is five weeks long and will be held according to the calendar handed out during the orientation night. Both classes (NKHS and KHS) have the same schedule.
  • School year classes at NKHS are held Monday/Wednesday and KHS classes are held Tuesday/Thursday. Students must be 15 years old on the first day of class.
  • The TSE (Driver's Ed.) cost is $455. It is same fee for all students. Fee reduction is no longer available. Please pay for the class through the online website link provided above.
  • Late applications will be considered on a space available basis.


Questions? Email the instructor at the school or the TSE coordinator.


North Kitsap Schools Foundation-
Scholarship Information for Traffic Safety Education 
Scholarship Information: Scholarships require a separate application to the organization below.


Please click on the webpage below for TSE Scholarship information: 

These scholarships have separate application requirements and are mailed to the  sponsoring organization.
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