Student/Parent/Instructor Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Complete all classroom work within the quarter enrolled
  2. Student is actively engaged in classroom and driving with appropriate behavior.
  3. All make-up work must be completed within the quarter enrolled
  4. Attend all class sessions with no more than two absences
  5. Make regular progress in driving throughout the quarter.
  6. Complete all drives no later than the quarter following the quarter enrolled.  This gives students 16 weeks to complete all drives.  All drives after week 16 will be charged $25.
  7. Missed drives or no permit drives are charged at $25, which is due before the next drive is scheduled.
  8. All drives beyond the 6th drive will be charged at $25 each.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  1. Be a good driving example
  2. Pay any and all fees associated with the course.
  3. Drive 50 hours with your son/daughter
  4. Be vigilant with progress in class and driving.

Classroom Instructor:

  1. Teach and test all lessons as outlined in the course calendar.
  2. Provide make-up sessions weekly to allow students to maintain currency  in the course
  3. Correct class tests and provide students with up-to-date information on their class progress.
  4. Schedule all student drives and collect any student fines promptly
  5. Contact parents if there is a concern with students progress in class or driving

  In-Car Instructor:

      Check students for driving permits before starting the drive

  1. Follow the lesson as outlined on the drive sheet.
  2. Provide student with the result of whether they passed the drive
  3. Provide  appropriate feedback for areas that need work
  4. Any student exhibiting belligerence or an attitude during a drive will not be allowed to continue driving
  5. Fill in the drive sheet with comments that will help the next instructor build on previous lessons.