2022 Levy Measures

On Thursday, November 4th, 2021 the North Kitsap School Board approved resolutions for two levies to be placed on the February 8th, 2022 ballot for voter approval. Resolution 11-01-21, Replacement Educational Program and Operations Levy, and Resolution 11-02-21, Replacement Facilities and Technology Capital Projects Levy, are available for review.

These levies are not new taxes, but replace expiring local education levies. All funding approved by voters stays in our district for NKSD students, staff, and schools

School Districts use levies to locally fund programs, operations, facility and technology needs that are not funded by the state.

We are grateful for the past support we received from our community to renew funding for our 2018 EP&O levy and 2018 Facilities and Technology Capital Projects levy. As you may know, K-12 education is not fully funded by the state of Washington. Instead all districts rely on local voter-approved funding measures to bridge the gap.

REPLACEMENT Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) Levy

The Replacement Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy will continue funding for the day-to-day operations that support our students including staffing positions such as nurses, psychologists, and paraeducators, programs and opportunities such as special education, transportation, athletics and extracurricular activities. This four-year levy fills the gap between what state funding provides and what our schools need.

Please visit our 2022 EPO Levy page to learn more about this replacement levy.

REPLACEMENT Facilities and Technology Capital Projects Levy

The Replacement Facilities and Technology Capital Projects levy will address the health, comfort, safety, and security of our schools through additions to buildings and ongoing maintenance and school improvements. This four-year levy would also fund technology for our students, including Chromebooks for all students and replacing outdated classroom technology. The levy funds equitable access to resources for our students, including classroom additions and planning for future growth.

Please visit our 2022 Facilities & Tech Levy page to learn more about this replacement levy.

Why do we need to replace the levies?

NKSD receives funding from state and federal sources, but like all school districts in Washington state, also relies on local, voter-approved levy to ensure our students, schools and staff have what they need. The levy helps bridge the gap between what the state funds and what we need to educate our students.

All levy funding approved by North Kitsap School District voters stays in our school district.

What is the cost for the levies?

The proposed tax rate for EP&O levy renewal is $1.45 to $1.25 per $1,000 of assessed property value, with the rate lowering every year over the next four years.

The proposed tax rate for the capital levy ranges from $1.10 to 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value over the next four years, lowering every year.

The total tax rate is: $2.55 to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value with rates lowering every year.